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My research encompasses a broad range of disciplines, including bioengineering, solid-state physics, material science and cell biology. I use microfabrication and printing technologies to generate inputs for my experiments, and high-throughput image analysis techniques to assess large, multivariate data sets.

Current projects

Biological Metamaterials for Influencing Cell Behaviour

Understanding the relationship between nanostructured surfaces and cellular response

Organic Bioelectronics for Biosensing

Using conjugated polymers to build new biosensors and biointerfaces

Image-Based Cell Profiling and Data Analysis

Analysing large image datasets to generate insights into biological systems

Previous projects

Energy Harvesting Organic Diodes

Developing rectifier circuits using organic diodes

Organic Transistors and Complementary Circuits

Combining conjugated polymers with graphics arts printing techniques to produce flexible circuits

Deceleration Beamline

Recreating solar wind interactions in the lab